Hi, I’m Emily(Yelim Kim).

Emily is my English name and my real name is “Yelim Kim” (:

This is my review of CSC236 and the theme is How an illogical person ,like me, perceive CSC236 course. Oh, and some stuff about computer vision and maybe some mathematics too (: b/c I feel lazy to make another blog to write some stuff separately. Since I got a blog as a mandatory for the course,so why not make the best use of it, right? (Hope it won’t affect my mark for the sLOG)

**NOTICE** (Especially for csc 236 TAs)**

>> ‘About’ is my static page, so please select menu(illogical review of  CSC236(SLOG)) in the category section at the right side of my webpage to view all the posts that I’ve submitted (: Thank you!


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